From our corner to your corner, we got you covered! Don't be embarrased if all you have is an idea,thats what we're here for. Whether you have a mission statement or not, we are here with you every step of the way. From conception to completion we have comprised the following content packages to get you started and propel you forward. 


What falls under Content Creation?

  • Message Development 
  • Creative Development (Short Bio to include Executive Summary, Mission, Affiliations, Financial Viability, Licenses, and ROI Report (Return on Investments) or Impact Analysis.
  • Photoshoot - In Studio 3-4 Sets, 1 PTR, 2 Back Up Models, 1 Creative Director
  • Commericial Shoot - 1 Outdoor Location, 1 Studio Location + 3-4 Sets, 2 Back Up Models, 1 Creative Director

Content Creation