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Writer's Corner has created solutions to problems that you haven’t even encountered yet. We are the professionals who have the knowledge to get the job done well and efficiently. Our technical writers are trained from font to appropriate  graphic sizing. We don't just make alterations, our consultants custom tailor your content . 

A contract technical writer costs less than a full-time employee. In this economy, being able to cut costs where you can just makes good sense. Writer's Corner can be hired for projects or term . You  gain great marketing techniques and pay only for what you need.

Marketing materials are useless if they are not targeted properly. Writer's Corner focuses on more than just  grammatical precision. We understand the importance of knowing what to say just as well as how to present.


Cost Reduction


Writers Corner Integrated Marketing Firm began as a day-dream. A #2 Pencil gliding throughout the mind of an anxious six year old. What started as the basic desire to illustrate , transformed into what is now known today, as Writers Corner Integrated Marketing Firm.


The foundation of Writers Corner, was designed on 12 MB of Data, not enough data to stream your favorite movie. With Strength in Numbers. only two clients, and a portfolio exceeding twenty million dollars through governmental procurement, we hit the ground running.


Writers’ Corner Limited Liability Corporation  is one of the nation’s leading consulting firms. As a conglomerate of industry specific technical writers,   WC Integrated Marketing Firm is owned and operated by an industry professional with over twelve years experience in graphic design and back-end developing.


Writers’ Corner Integrated Marketing Firm is a woman-owned, minority business with multiple professional affiliations including Indigo Awards, Dun and Bradstreet, SAM (System For Award Management), and more!


The majority of Writers Corner <58 million dollar portfolio was established over the course of 3 years. Our client list consists of Private Governmental as well as non Non Profit Organizations.

Return on Investment

With a turn over time as low as two months , Writers' Corner has generated 1.2 Million from governmental contracts. For investors investing in operational capacity , ROI reports are produced semi-annually.

Why Hire Writers Corner Integrated Marketing?

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” - Aristotle